Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop in SA, TX 78239

Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop
6557 Walzem Road San Antonio, Texas 78239
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Buick Transmission Repair Shop In San Antonio TX

The Best Professional Quality Buick Transmission Repair Service in SA, TX - Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop an ATRA Member and an Accredited A Plus Better Business Bureau Member. Sergeant Clutch is ready to handle all of your Buick transmission repair needs. We will diagnose your Buick transmission problem with accuracy and give you a detailed description of any repairs needed to fix the problem. Some Buick transmission problems may only require an adjustment that can be made without removing the entire transmission. Get the quality personal service you deserve. Call or stop by Sergeant Clutch at the first sign of transmission problems, we’re here to help.

Got Buick Transmission Problems? Having transmission problems can seriously limit the ability for your car or suv to operate properly. Few vehicle repairs can be as intimidating as Buick transmission repair. Today’s Buick car and suvs are loaded with high tech gadgets, transmission sensors, solenoids and complex computers. The automatic transmission is the most complicated system in your vehicle. It’s made up of hundreds of complex interconnected parts and components that enable your vehicle’s transmission to operate and shift properly. However, not all Buick transmission problems require a complete transmission rebuild or replacement. When it comes to quality rebuilt transmissions, Sergeant Clutch has you covered. Solving Buick transmission problems doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated process.

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Count on Sergeant Clutch for all your Buick Transmission Repair Services

  • Buick Automatic Transmissions
  • Buick Manual Transmissions
  • Buick Transmission Fluid Change
  • Buick Transmission Fluid Flush
  • Buick Gearbox
  • Buick CVT Transmissions
  • Buick Hybrid Transmissions
  • Buick Century Transmissions
  • Buick Electra Transmissions
  • Buick Lacrosse Transmissions
  • Buick Le Sabre Transmissions
  • Buick Park Avenue Transmissions
  • Buick Regal Transmissions
  • Buick Rendezvous Transmissions
  • Buick Riviera Transmissions
  • Buick Roadmaster Transmissions
  • Buick Terraza Transmissions
  • New Buick Transmissions
  • Rebuilt Buick Transmissions
  • Reman Buick Transmissions
  • Used Buick Transmissions

While it’s true that Sergeant Clutch is a Full Service Automotive Repair Center, it is true that we are experts in transmission and drive-line repairs. At Sergeant Clutch we specialize in Rebuilding Buick Transmissions and we do it better than anyone else. We rebuild Buick transmissions using premium parts to ensure peak performance.

When you’re in the market for a transmission count on Sergeant Clutch. Where quality transmission service and affordable pricing come together. Sergeant Clutch Discount Transmission Repair Service Shop is the premier source for Transmission Problem Solving. Our certified Transmission Mechanics keep your Car, Truck or Suv shifting. Sergeant Clutch has over 75 years of experience in the Auto Repair and Transmission Repair Industry.

We understand that keeping, maintaining and repairing your Buick isn't necessarily the way you'd like to spend your money. While most people don’t budget for transmission repairs. Dealing with transmission repairs can be frustrating and stressful. Many times customers find they can’t afford to pay the full cost of the transmission repair bill. That’s why Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop offers Payment Options to help those customers. Apply Now!

Sergeant Clutch Discount Buick Transmission Repair Shop in San Antonio, TX.

Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop

6557 Walzem Road @ New World Drive

San Antonio, Texas 78239


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